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The Creepy in KC Podcast

Apr 19, 2019

There were some creepy things in the news that I start out with.  Then it's off to Kansas City's Union Station to see The Mummies of the World exhibit.  Then I sit down for an interview with my friend and Rogue Taxidermist, Simone Smith.

(Originally aired August 13, 2017)

Apr 19, 2019

I'm calling this the Night Gallery Episode.  I interview local multi-talented artist Sterling Witt about his many works.  Then I talk about haunted paintings and recall an experience I once had.

(Originally aired September 26, 2017)

Apr 19, 2019

For this episode I'll be playing a recording from what my family has long considered to be our haunted farmhouse in Northern Arkansas.  My voice and the recording is rather rough, but I hope you'll enjoy this in-the-field recording.

(Originally aired December 16, 2018)

Apr 19, 2019

Listen as I talk about Sleep Paralysis and the "night terrors" associated with the phenomenon.  From the Old Hag to the Black Hat Man, there's much to fear in the night.  Be sure to listen all the way until near the end to hear a short but very special interview.

(Originally aired July 12, 2018)

Apr 19, 2019

My 20th Episode is literally as hair-raising as I can get!  I introduce you to a remarkable KC artist who creates personal masterpieces from hair.  Listen to my interview with Courtney Lane and find out about Victorian Hairwork and her other unique specialties.

(Originally aired August 13, 2018)